Who we are

Veranda Holdings is a privately held real estate boutique firm that offers pathways to investors from India looking to diversify their holdings with real estate investments in the state of California. Whether it be a family office, high net worth individual, or millennial investors seeking long term value creation, Veranda Holdings has tailored and flexible investment strategies designed to cater to its clientele’s investment needs.

We target real estate opportunities located in prime urban markets of California delivering stabilized to value-add cash flow to our investors. By means of our investment platforms, our partners from India are able to engage in cross border transactions, securing a globally sought-after investment class. The U.S. real estate market is well regulated to promote secure ownership by investors from India; Veranda Holdings will work closely with its investors to manage the legal and regulatory process on their behalf.

Based out of Los Angeles, Veranda Holdings provides a vertically integrated service from acquisition to asset management with financial controls. As an active investor within the California real estate industry, it acts in the interest of its Investors from India and assumes the role of their representative within the marketplace, working for them in securing stabilized returns. We are seasoned industry professionals seeking to establish long term relationships in creating and preserving wealth.

5th Largest Global Economy
As the Mecca of global technology and digital innovation, and as the gateway of Asian trade to the USA, California's strong, diversified economy makes it a longterm creator and safe harbor of wealth.
Highly Competent Work Force
California, the land where highly-educated and hard-working individuals from all parts of the globe intersect, has positioned itself as a driving force of both America and the World

Veranda Holdings is laser-focused on fulfilling its responsibilities to each investor as well as delivering, to that same investor, a consistently positive investing experience. Discipline, Transparency & Diligence are our guiding principles. We aim at creating strong long-term relationships with our real estate investor partners and delivering sustained returns through strategic investments in Urban California whose valuations are supported by California’s resilient economy.

Separately Managed Accounts

Benefit from flexible and well-defined investment strategies tailored to your specific investment objectives. Maintain day-to-day control over investments and portfolios.


Funds Investments

Veranda Holdings intends to raise capital for its Cali Fund I & India Fund I, enabling investors to participate in cross-border investment opportunities in core urban markets of both California and India.