About Veranda Holdings

Veranda Holdings is a privately held real estate boutique firm that focuses on long term value creation for its investors through investments made in California’s urban communities

Whether it be a family office, high net worth individuals or millennial investors, our partners and directors at Veranda Holdings look forward to establishing enduring relationships aimed at creating and preserving wealth.

Serving Our Investors

Veranda Holdings offers investors from India the opportunity to look beyond India’s borders for investments in California. We work with our investors to facilitate all aspects of real estate acquisitions and management by working in tandem with legal advisors from both countries to mitigate risks while fostering lasting relationships with our investors.

We aim to be the premier partner for real estate Investors from India seeking investment opportunities overseas. Our business bridges the vast distances separating India and US, allowing investors to engage in local marketplaces by means of secure, cost-efficient legal ownership structures. Our vertically aligned business facilitates all requirements of real estate ownership from the initial identification and acquisition to day-to-day asset management until the investment is realized.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, we are a team of professionals with sophisticated financial skills and deep industry experience seeking to create strong long-term relationships with our real estate investor partners, delivering sustained returns through strategic investments in Urban California. As an active investor within the California real estate industry, it acts in the interest of its Investors from India and assumes the role of their representative within the marketplace, working for them in securing stabilized returns. We are seasoned industry professionals seeking to establish long term relationships in creating and preserving wealth.


We aim at creating strong long-term relationships with our real estate investor partners, delivering sustained returns through strategic investments in Urban California whose valuations are supported by California’s resilient economy.


Acquire "owner pride", globally sought after urban real estate properties located in U.S markets with for Indian investors
Deliver sustained dollar denominated returns by means of secure cost-efficient ownership structures
Establish a proven track record in cultivating lasting relationships, built by creating and preserving wealth for our investors
Be India's most recognized real estate company facilitating cross border transactions, connecting Indian investor to U.S real estate opportunities