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Separately Managed Accounts

Veranda Holdings’ Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) offer advantages such as tailored and flexible investment strategies that allow investors to achieve improved levels of transparency, while Veranda Holdings provides day-to-day hands-on asset management of investments and portfolios. The managed account strategy is ideal for investors with distinct investment objectives, as opposed to commingling within a larger fund.

Veranda Holdings invests capital based on a thorough evaluation of risk and return through the use of best-in-class industry techniques of valuation and quantitative modeling.

  • Core

    Core investments target a low level of risk and are ideal for individuals seeking to invest for a steady cash flow income. Typically, the structures are very well maintained and situated in highly desirable locations. These opportunities have high barriers to entry and benefit from strong local urban economics. These types of assets are the most sought-after real estate by global investors looking to build a portfolio of secure assets.

  • Core Plus

    Core Plus real estate investments are low to moderate in risk. Core Plus property owners often can increase cash flows through strategic capital improvements that upgrade the occupancy experience of its tenants. By means of proactive asset management, Veranda Holdings seeks to reposition such assets within the marketplace, delivering strong IRR to its investors and transitioning the asset status from core-plus to core.

  • Value Add

    Veranda Holdings’ Value Add strategy targets assets located in gentrifying communities as well as assets located in urban California corridors attracting significant capital infusions. Often located in neglected urban submarkets with strong economic potential, these assets, by means of implementing concrete upgrade strategies, stand poised to deliver strong returns over a long-term horizon.

Fund Investments

Veranda Holdings intends to raise capital for its two funds - Cali Fund 1 & India Fund 1. These funds are structured to enable investors to participate in cross border investment opportunities in core urban markets of California and Urban India. Veranda Holdings fund investments are ideal opportunities for millennials looking for stable income flow over long periods. Fund raising, however, is subject to market condition period.

  • Cali Fund 1

    The investment policy for this fund entails a highly selective, diverse strategy, focused on Core Plus and Value Add investments located in prominent urban markets of California. This fund seeks to acquire real estate across asset classes such as multifamily, retail and hospitality. The fund’s performance stands to benefit from the steady growth of California’s resilient economy which should contribute to the gradual improvement of market conditions (and the corresponding reduction of investment risks) over time.

  • India Fund 1

    The investment policy for this fund is a long-term investment framework targeting the ownership of real estate assets located in selective upscale neighborhoods of Urban India. This fund seeks to acquire Core Plus and Value Add investments and, immediately following each acquisition, a business plan will be implemented for the asset to reposition it as best-in class with regard to market competition. As India grows, this fund is poised to benefit from the economic gains of its dynamic economy.