Vertically Integrated Services


Veranda Holdings will work with its investors to determine an appropriate investment profile based on their investing needs. Once the investment profile is determined, we engage with the brokerage community to pursue both on and off market real estate opportunities where each opportunity is vetted with industry-leading standards of evaluation and diligence. The real work comes from the rigorous underwriting that is the culmination of a long due diligence process. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our investors throughout the acquisition process. We work together to achieve optimal investing decisions.

Asset Management

Veranda Holdings asset management strategies are designed to cultivate market value so ownership can increase its return on investment. As soon as the investment is acquired, Veranda Holdings enacts an asset management strategy, tailored to the asset, as it seeks to reposition the asset within the marketplace over the hold period. For every investment we recommend capital re-investment plan to improve the property’s competitiveness in the market. As your local property managers, we handle the maintenance activities related to the property’s day-to-day operations and physical upkeep.

Strategy & Financial Planning

With the objective of maximizing rental revenue, we employ our effective leasing strategies, while working in tandem with local leasing agents to ensure high occupancies at all our investments. In addition, we make routine payments for all property related expenses such as property taxes, insurance and utilities in a timely manner. As asset managers, we manage assets on behalf of our investors, making investment decisions with transparency and timeliness to preserve the trust of our investors