Multifamily Investments

Income Producing Properties

Multifamily properties (or apartment buildings) located in urban areas continue to remain an excellent investment class as tenant demand remains strong, driven by supply constraints and restrictive housing policies. These properties typically consist of multiple apartment units, underwritten by the rents paid by tenants. Unlike single family residences, these investments are less susceptible to high vacancies under economic downturns.

Management of such investments typically entails intermittent leasing activity, payment of bills and routine maintenance. For these investments, smart capital improvement generally delivers strong ROI by boosting asking rates. Veranda Holdings’ vertically integrated services has the tools necessary to perform all activities related to management to distribution of net property income to the investor owner.

Considering California’s occupancy rates have historically been high 90%s, these are excellent investments for those seeking long term stable returns, these investments are good hedge against inflation as they follow the same direction as the general economic consensus.