Single Family Residences

Single Family Residences and Vacation Homes

Owning a home has been the bedrock investment in creating wealth for millions of families across California for decades now. The trend has given rise to many affluent suburban communities across the state. In Urban areas, restrictive housing policies enable high barriers to entry, a long standing complaint among consumers that has worked in favor of owners and investors. We pursue single family residence opportunities located in neighborhoods with strong urban and economic fundamentals, in communities with significant private and public investment, sub-market footprint dominated by major institutional players.

In addition, for HNI families from India, who enjoy California side for vacation purposes, we include mansions, owner pride investment homes located in neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, La Jolla, Pacific Heights and more. These vacation homes, in turn during non-vacation seasons are leased out to others for rental revenue and to add to networking. These investments across the state have been long pursued by investors globally and Veranda Holdings has the tools necessary to facilitate ownership and management for investors from India.