Southern California

Where Dreams Come True

Greater Los Angeles Area & San Diego

Southern California has a diverse, thriving economy, is the center of American entertainment industry and the country’s maritime trade, serving as the gateway to Asian business. Since 2000s, local suburban properties in Orange County, Santa Clara, San Gabriel Valley have become sought after investments among foreign Chinese and Korean Investors. Foreign investment firms have played an important role in the regions real estate market, including having owned and developed some of the tallest landmarks. Home to some of the top educational institutions in the world such as UCLA, USC, Cal-Tech, Santa Monica College and more, that invite brightest students from across the world, student housing near universities are an excellent investment property for those seeking stable rental revenue.

Our target neighborhoods in the region are well-known names, part of the Hollywood folkore such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Pasadena and more. Southern California is also home to Veranda Holdings, and its partners and directors prior work experience include the largest REIT and privately held real estate firms based in this region.